Together we are stronger!

For every action and organized activity, we count with volunteers. It is them, with their positive energy, open mind and their desire to make a difference, who allow us to carry out our projects successfully.

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For me, being part of this social action was very pleasant, being able to help and do good is something I have always wanted, and this beautiful project from On AVANCE allowed me to contribute, I think that whatever the project, doing good to others is always something inexplicable, the feeling is great.

Claudio Robert

Giving water to people who were queuing for hours to get food filled my heart. The queue was miles long and people didn’t expect us to just arrive with bottles of water. They had a big smile and frankly we too!
For those who need support, any help is valid, so let’s stop looking at ourselves and feeling sorry for ourselves. Let´s act for the whole. We have to move forward, but to move forward we have to come together.

Claudio Sousa